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The Presta team is hard at work adding videos to our rides library in anticipation of our rapidly approaching Beta launch. The videos listed below are a sample of our ride library. We are currently adding additional rides in the United States and Europe.

The Presta video crew brings a passion for cycling to the process. Every Presta Ride is actually ridden on a bike before it is filmed so we are certain to only bring our users the best experiences possible.

Please let us know if there are specific rides you would like to see added to the platform and we will see what we can do to add them to our video "to do" list.  

Presta users are welcome to submit videos that we can turn into rides on our platform. If you are interested in submitting a video, please contact us and we will send you the technical requirements for our videos. If we like a video which is submitted, we will turn it into a Presta Ride, send you Presta Gear and give you credit for producing the video.  

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