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Presta Sports is able to work with people in the cycling community to host small, medium and large virtual cycling events on our platform. Whether your event is a charity fund raiser, a brand builder for your own company or just a bunch of passionate riders who want to ride together virtually, hosting an event on the Presta Sports platform might be right for you.

Depending upon the size of your group and your needs, the Presta team can work with you to organize all of the details of a one time or reoccurring ride.  With a large enough group we can even create a video for a ride tailored for the abilities and interests of your group.  

Videos specifically for your group can be made for your favorite local loop, an iconic ride from around the world or one of the great race venues from around the world.

Participants in group events do not need to be paid users of the Presta products.

For more information on how the Presta team can work with your group, contact us below and we can discuss details and options with you.

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