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Virtual Cycling For Passionate Riders


At Presta Sports, we are passionate about cycling outdoors. The reality though is that in the modern world there are days when outdoor cycling is not possible due to weather, traffic or just the normal demands of life. Those days are the inspiration for Presta Sports.

The Presta Sports software is built for indoor cycling on a real bike used in conjunction with a trainer such as the Wahoo KICKR or TACX Neo 2T. The software utilizes real video from iconic bike rides from around the world. Ride on your own and compete with a previous ride completed by you, or by one of your friends. Join up on a ride in progress by a friend or schedule group rides in advance to ride live with your friends or with other Presta Sports users.

The software utilizes artificial intelligence to provide rider bots to skillfully pace you through your ride. The rider bots learn from your performance and adjust themselves to help you achieve your goals.

The Presta Sports software is fully multi-lingual to enable use by riders all around the world. Social media links allow you to keep your friends up to date on your workouts. All workout data is stored so you can view your workout history and share data with your other training platforms.

Presta Sports is rapidly approaching the initial Beta release of the software. The software will be free for all users during the brief Beta period. After the Beta period, there will be a small monthly charge for the software.

To receive regular updates on the Beta release date, sign up as a Beta User and you will receive regular updates on progress and will be kept up to date of the planned Beta launch date.

Other Sports

At Presta Sports, we are passionate about all outdoor sports. Nothing makes us happier than going outside for a road bike ride, mountain bike ride, trail run, road run, open water rowing or just an afternoon hike.

The initial focus at Presta Sports is to build the best virtual cycling software possible for days when it is not practical to get outside. Everything is being designed with the idea that other sports will be added to the platform.

The world of virtual reality and indoor training is in its infancy and Presta Sports ambition is to be best in class. Stay tuned for more details!


Presta Technology

Virtual Cycling With TV.jpg

Presta is developed to utilize 4K Ultra HD video from iconic cycling routes from around the world. 

Presta allows riders to easily join up with friends or with other riders of similar ability. On days when no one is available to ride with you, the system provides rider bots using artificial intelligence to skillfully pace you through your ride.

Most hardware is supported including the Wahoo KICKR and TACX NEO 2T trainers and Garmin and other heart rate monitors.

Presta is viewable and controllable on PC and MAC computers, Apple and Android phones, iPad and Apple TV.

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